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brow shaping

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Brow Shaping

Get bombshell brows with our GLAM shape-up.  So much more than just a quick fix, this treatment includes the WORKS!  


For precise results, Brow Shaping is done using classic tools such as tweezers, scissors and a brow razor.

Brow Shaping Treatment Includes


This service will start with: 

Brow Exfoliation & Shampoo to clean and prep the skin.  Followed by a light application of organic rose water mist to refresh and boost the skins moisture.


Your technician will then continue with:

  • Custom shape design

  • Brow Mapping

  • Symmetry Correction

  • Hair Removal

To complete your treatment:

  • Make-up pencils & powders will be used for filling the brows

  • Your brows will be set with our favorite glycerin pomade, for an all-night hold and sleek finish!

Brow Shaping Maintenance


Hair has three cycles of growth.  If you see hair at the surface, there is most likely two more behind it. If you pluck it, one may pop out in about two weeks, where the other you wont see for about 6-8 weeks.  Everyone's cycle is a bit different.  For brow shaping maintenance, it is recommended to shape every 3-4 weeks.

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