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Which brow treatment service should I book?


At Bowie, we offer a full range of eyebrow treatment services to suit all types of brows and preferences.  From our classic brow shaping, signature henna and tinting treatments, to our luxe brow lamination treatment


If you are not sure which service is best for you, please be sure to review this brow guide to help with your decision.


If you are still unsure, you are welcomed to book an appointment for any brow treatment service in order to confirm a spot on the calendar.  You may consult with your technician at your appointment & we will recommend the best option and make any necessary changes to the treatment type at the time of your visit, if necessary.

Please feel free to review more details, including aftercare of each brow treatment offered, by clicking on the underlined service option links above.

How do I schedule, change or cancel my appointment?

ALL appointments are to be scheduled via the online booking system.


You will receive a confirmation e-mail upon booking your appointment which includes a "Change/Cancel Appointment" button, pictured right, that you may use to make any changes to your appointment time and/or date if you are within the time frame policy guidelines



Please be sure to enter the most up-to-date and correct information 

when booking your appointment:

  • First & Last Name

  • E-mail Address

  • Contact Phone Number


You will receive notifications via e-mail 72 hours, 25 hours and 12 hours prior to your appointment.  You will also receive a reminder via text 25 hours prior. 


Your e-mail notifications will always include:


  • Service Type & Technician 

  • Date & Time of Service

  • Length of Service

  • Location Details

  • Price of Service

  • Pre-Care details, if required


How do I prepare for my Henna or Tinting treatment service?


Henna and Tinting adhere best to clean, healthy skin and hair, allowing the product to penetrate with ease and allowing the color to saturate evenly. 


Best prep practices for Henna & Tinting include:


  • Light exfoliation of the brow area 2-3 days before your appointment, NOT the day of.

  • Keep skin hydrated and hair conditioned.  Dry hair or skin and flaky or peeling skin will cause pre-mature fading or not adhere at all.

  • DO NOT wear make-up, lotion, pomade, serum or any wax or oil based product on the brow area the day of your treatment!

How do I prepare for my Cosmetic Tattoo procedure?

Microblading, Ombre Powder Shading, Combo Brow and Lip Blushing are all types of Cosmetic Tattooing procedures and strict pre-care must be followed to ensure client safety and favorable outcome of your healed results.

ALL clients confirming a procedure will receive mandatory pre-care instructions in their confirmation e-mail, as well your reminder e-mail.  In the event the client does not follow instructions, your appointment will be cancelled, deposit with be forfeited and you will require a new deposit to confirm any future procedural appointment.

I've had a previous brow or lip tattoo/procedure, can I book a touch-up procedure?

Any client with previous work from another artist will be considered a NEW client and will be charged initial procedure pricing.  It is mandatory to submit clear, unedited and make-up free photos of your previous work, and highly recommended to book an in-person consultation prior to booking a procedure to be sure a cover-up and/or correction can be done over any remaining pigment from an old tattoo.

Bowie Brows Treatment Guide
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